CAD/CAM or Pressed Lithium Disilicate


There are many questions to ask yourself when choosing crown and bridge materials. IPS e.max® from Weber Dental Laboratory is the next generation of crown and bridge materials that answers “Yes!” to all the questions.

IPS e.max® is a full contoured, lithium disilicate restoration that features a variety of design options, high strength and “Empress-like” esthetics. Best of all, like the rest of our products, IPS e.max from Weber Dental Lab is 100% made in the Canada.

                         Cement or Bond?

e.max gives you the freedom of choice. If you prefer to cement go ahead. Looking for a stronger crown to tooth interface for a short clinical crown length e.max is bondable.

                      Anterior or Posterior?

e.max uses the strongest pressable glass ceramic ingot available with a flexural strength of 400 MPa. So it’s strong enough for the posterior. If it’s esthetics your looking for, different ingot opacities and cutback techniques make it possible to rival the esthetics of Empress.

                        Milled or pressed?

CAD/CAM design and wax milling provide accuracy. Pressed technology delivers the maximum flexural strength available.

                        Crown or Bridge?

e.max’s versatility of design can deliver both bridges and crowns. Available for 3-unit bridges to the 2nd premolar.

                    Veneer or Thin Veneer?

The lithium disilicate material can be pressed as thin as .3mm and is an excellent option for those minor esthetic updates.







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