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Weber Dental Laboratory uses Densply Duceram Ceramic as our porcelain of choice to provide your patients and your practice with the best PFM available. This natural feldspathic porcelain creates consistent, high esthetics for simple and complicated PFM applications. You can feel confident knowing your Weber Dental PFM is backed by Densply's 40 years of reliable clinical performance and Weber's 40 years of providing exceptional products and services to the the dental industry.


PFM Advantages

  • Natural Look

  • Excellent shade matching

  • Proven durability

  • Fast turnaround time

PFM Indications

  • Crowns

  • Bridges

PFM Contraindications

  • Metal Sensitivity

What to Send

  • Upper and lower models or impressions

  • Shade

  • Bite registration

Weber's PFM's:


High-Noble Gold White

Semi-Precious Gold White

Non-Precious Talladium White


At Weber Dental Laboratory, we take extra care to follow your specifiic requests including:

  • Shade: matched to your satisifaction.

  • Margins (checked under magnification): closed, thin and polished to avoid ledges.

  • Contacts (checked on a second pour): broad, flat, and football shaped.

  • Anatomy: matched to existing dentition unless otherwise specified.

  • Occlusion (checked on articulated models): light contact in centric, no prematurities in excursive movement.

  • Emergence Profile: flat or negative emergence profile.

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